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Welcome to our website. Established in 2010 Nepal Peak Information Trek pvt. Ltd is a leader in the provision of trekking peak climbing, treks and tours. A beginner in search of new challenges, or willing to explore Nepal's rich culture, we can help you realize your ambitions. A professional team of Sherpa and tour and trek advisors will provide you with the best information and assistance.......Learn More
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Nepal is a unique destination for trekking in Nepal, hiking in Nepal because of its unbeatablee combination of natural beauty and cultural riches. And the most appropriate way to experience. It is walk through them. Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday and tough or easy walking trip following well developed trails. With a trek around Nepal, you will directly experience our culture and way of life of different ethnic people, religion and festivals......Learn More
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On the roof of the world, shoe horned into the grand Himalaya, Bhutan, the thunder Dragon, is a fiercely independent kingdom. With an area slightly larger than Switzerland, there are only about 600,000 people. The name Bhutan appears to derive from the ancient Indian term "Bhotanta" which means the end of land of the Bhots, it could also extend from the Sanskrit word Bhu'uttan or highland. .....Learn More
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A brief account of Tibet, its origin, how it grew into a great military power and carved for itself a huge empire in Central Asia, then how it renounced the use of arms to practise the teachings of the Buddha and the tragic conseguences that it suffers today as a result of the brutal onslaught of the Communist Chinese forces is given in the following passages. .....Learn More
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The land which can be described only in Speculative Expanse - Geographical, historical and human factors have endowed this region, known earlier as Manyul "the land of men" with its unique character and place in the World. Bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Ladakh range & the Zanskar range. Is located in the rain - shade of the Himalaya, is arctic, high altitude, mountainous desert. It has beautiful wild flowers, a wide range of mountain animals, hundred of species of resident and migratory birds, and hospitable, hardy, cheerful and courteous people......Learn More
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